car mechanic telling a client about her car repairs

No driver likes car repairs. However, some repairs are much more expensive than others. It is important to identify the most expensive repairs so you can be mindful when looking a used cars. You want to find a vehicle which can be inspected to ensure it does not have expensive problems. If a car you already own requires costly repairs, you should also think carefully about whether making the fixes is worth it. Sports Auto Center can help you to find high quality used cars if you decide not to bother with repairs and instead to purchase something new.

What Car Repairs are Going to Break the Bank?

One of the single most expensive car repairs is transmission repairs. Getting your transmission fixed when you have a serious issue, or having it replaced, is going to cost around $4,000 to $5,000.  Another expensive fix is the suspension, which can be a $2,5000 to $4,000 repair on average. If you have a problem with your airbags, you can also expect to pay a lot, with average costs of around $2,500 to $4,000. Even a catalytic converter issue could cost around $1,500 on average, while head gasket issues could total in at around $2,000.

Should You Get Costly Car Repairs Made?

If you need an expensive repair, it pays to shop around to try to find the most affordable service provider. However, sometimes it just does not make sense to pay for repair costs. If you have an older vehicle and it is not worth very much, you don't want to sink thousands of dollars into fixing it. This is especially true as you could pay a fortune to fix one problem and end up with another issue cropping up soon after. You can quickly get trapped in a never-ending cycle of expensive bills for car repairs.

Finding a New Car

If you decide spending on car repairs does not make sense, you can shop for a new vehicle. Sports Auto Center has a great selection of reliable cars that are a great deal.  Give us a call today to find out more.