When you are deciding between new cars and used cars, the up front costs of each vehicle are a consideration. However, what you pay at the dealer is not the whole story. In fact, you may find yourself paying other transportation-related auto expenses on a regular basis, even after you buy a car. If you want to minimize the ongoing amount of money that your car costs you, you should carefully compare expenditures on things like auto insurance. You may find used cars are less costly to insure, and thus you can save money in the long-run. If you opt to buy a used car because it makes financial sense, be sure to check out Sports Auto Center for a great selection of vehicles.

Used Cars Can Save You Money on Auto Insurance

Used cars can cost less than new cars to insure. There are a lot of reasons why it may be cheaper to get an auto insurance policy on a used car.  One big issue is that used cars are usually worth less money than brand new vehicles from the same brand and of the same make. If a car is not as expensive to fix or replace, the potential loss to an insurer is reduced and you face a reduced cost. Used cars may also not be as high of a target for car thieves, so this can make a bit of an impact in the premiums as well.

Safety Features are Key

One important factor in assessing the cost of insuring used cars vs new cars is the safety features and accident avoidance features that will be considered by insurers when setting auto insurance rates. In some cases, newer cars have more advanced safety features which can help bring insurance costs down.

However, many safety features are still optional and can cost a fortune on a new car. You may be more likely to buy an older vehicles that has more features because the original owner paid the premium price to get these features included.  This could mean your car is better equipped than a new one and insurers will charge you less to insure it because of these added safety features.  

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