Happy woman in her car holding up her key.

Pre Owned Cars Offer Many Benefits

To begin with, pre owned cars go through rigorous inspections. At Sport Auto Center, all our pre owned cars are certified. After undergoing a 135 point inspection and being fully reconditioned, we put them on display. Since we only sell late model vehicles with low mileage and clean titles, we are clearly the best choice. Once you visit our inventory, the quality of vehicles we stock will amaze you. Here you will only see late model cars, as close to new as possible just for a far lower price point. On average, buying a pre owned car saves the owner 25 percent, as opposed to the cost of buying a brand new car.

Be Completely Sure About Your Pre Owned Car

If the knowledge of rigorous inspection doesn't please you, we have more. We are a USAA certified dealer as well as a Carfax Advantage Dealer. With Carfax, you will have be able to see everything about our pre owned car's past. If you'd like to find out if your next potential car has ever been in a car accident or how many people have owned it before you, just check out the car's Carfax. There, you'll be privy to an incredibly detailed history of the vehicle, with dates and specifics. You can even see if the car's original warranty is still in effect.

If you're ready to save and make an incredible car your own, give Sport Auto Center a visit! Come on down and take a look at our inventory or look at what we have to offer online. Whatever you might need, don't hesitate to contact us today!