Happy woman leaning out of car window holding up her keys. The world of car sales is constantly revolving around one question. Should I buy new or used? The answer may surprise you! For those in El Paso, the best choice in the long run is buying late model cars from Sport Auto Center.

The Benefits of Late Model Cars

Since our inventory of late model cars are all certified pre-owned, the highest standards will back up your car. The combination of late model cars and certification is incredible. The price and quality will amaze you. Most late model cars are so recent that they have very low mileage. That, along with the certification, will by far result in the best choice.

Additionally, having 100 percent confidence on a used vehicle can still be difficult. For this reason, we offer free CarFax reports on all our vehicles. With CarFax, you'll know everything there is to know about your potential future car. This way, you won't have to commit to a good looking vehicle with hidden maintenance issues.

As Close to New, Without the High Prices

Considering a late model used car is possibly the smartest decision to make when car shopping. New cars tend to be mechanically sound and technologically advanced. On the other had, new cars will often result in higher prices and more commitment.

Buying older used cars can also be a frightening experience since older vehicles have more mileage and, in turn, more maintenance issues. Late model cars are the balance between these choices. Late models have the best attributes since they have low prices but reliable mechanics.

Choose Sport Auto Center for Late Model Cars

Buying a used car doesn't have to be a shot in the dark. With Sport Auto Center, you'll be completely sure of exactly what you're getting into. We also offer test drives so you can make a completely informed decision. Contact Sport Auto Center today.