Buying a used car is a great option for people. It also a great way to get quality transportation, without spending a fortune. Or having another bill added to your monthly expenses. It is a smart option to explore, and consider. But it can also be difficult to know what car to buy. And what car will just cause you trouble down the road. Sport Auto Center has quality pre owned cars available for sell. Knowing the difference between a good car and a lemon is simply a matter of experience. This can be learned without any of the hardships too. In other words, you do not have to own a lemon to know how to avoid one. First, you should know what the warning signs are. Then what are some good signs for buying.

Warning Signs for Pre Owned Cars

There are several warning signs in pre owned cars that tell you not to buy. The most important thing to check is the engine of the car. One warning sign is that the seller refuses to lift the hood of the car. Or they only want you to take a ‘quick look’ at the engine. When a car is not running, most engines will look the same. While running however, you will see and hear issues. If there is smoke coming up from the engine, do not buy it. It can be a combustion issue. This will likely be expensive to fix. If you see any holes, or sparks coming from the engine then you may want to look elsewhere. Sparks coming from the spark plugs may be fixable, and not too expensive. Make sure you know where it’s coming from first though. If you hear a clicking noise when the engine is on, that could be the battery.

Good Signs to Buy There are also a few signs in pre owned cars that let you know to buy the vehicle. These again rely on the quality of the engine. When you check the engine, you should look for a smooth ignition, and lasting run. In other words, the engine that start well should stay well. There should be no smoke or sparks coming from the engine while it is one. In addition, there should be no holes or a clicking sound when the engine is on either. If you do not encounter these issues, then the engine is probably in pretty good condition. This would make it safe to buy.

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No one wants to buy a car, only to find out it has a lot of problems later. However, almost every car looks the same on the surface to most people. There is a way to tell the difference though before buying it. Sport Auto Center has many different types of pre owned cars available for you to choose from. Always remember to check the engine first before you commit to buy the car. You should check it once while it is off, and then once more when it is on. This is the biggest sign of a car being good or a lemon.