We are all about the newest models and versions in the United States. Sure, an iPhone 4 can get us by alright…but when we compare it to an iPhone 7, we might as well be living in the Stone Ages. And sure, there is nothing wrong with having a classic taco when we go through the drive-thru at Taco Bell. But compared to a Crunch Wrap Supreme, a taco really feels like a downgrade. When it comes to buying used cars, it can be easy to settle for older models and low-grade technology. But with a plethora of gently used, late model cars available, no one should feel forced to settle for less than the best or latest. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider purchasing a late model car.

What Does the Term “Late Model Car” Refer To?

When referring to vehicles, "late model" means "recent." In 2017, a late model Honda Accord would be the ninth generation, which was introduced in 2012. Because recent models share a lot of design features, the latest models of the last three to five years typically resemble each other. When you jump back ten years, however, you start to notice significant differences in technology. Compared to buying an older version (think generation six of the Honda Accord) buying a used, late model car has several benefits.

The Benefits of Buying a Used, Late Model Car

Some car shoppers have the desire and the means to buy a new car, but the value of a new car doesn’t last long. In fact, its value will wear off before that “new car smell” does! Experts state that a new model loses up to 11 percent of its value the very moment it is driven off the lot. Even though the cutting edge technology that comes with a new car is a huge incentive for buying new, the deprivation of new cars has several people looking for an alternative.

Used, late model cars are one alternative to consider. When purchased from a dealer, such as Sport Auto Center, these models are typically certified as pre-owned. This means that their mileage, mechanical condition, and body meet or exceed the dealer’s standards. Not only are used late model cars less expensive than the new versions, but they also depreciate at a much lower rate/ Because they have already been driven off the lot once, you get a steal of a price and don’t lose that initial 11 percent. As an added bonus, some of these cars are still under warranty! Make sure to ask your dealer if this is the case with any of your favorite vehicles.

Don’t Settle For an Overpriced Car

If you want to the newest model but don’t want to settle for an overpriced car, a late model vehicle is the way to go! When you visit our El Paso service center, you will be sure to find a variety of quality Certified Pre-Owned Cars at a variety of price ranges. Our sales team will work with you to find a car that is ideal for your lifestyle and budget. Don’t settle - contact us today!